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Please read!


:bulletgreen: = good
:bulletyellow: = okay
:bulletblue: = normal/neutral
:bulletorange:= bad
:bulletred:= really bad

1. Please tell the founder or a co-founder if you have a problem
2. Submit under the right folder, need help ask
3. Just have fun with the cats that you have :3

Thunderclan: ThunderClan is a mainly peaceful Clan, respectful of the other Clans as well. In battle, ThunderClan is fierce, courageous, and loyal. They normally take in loners and kittypets into their Clan to either swell their ranks or because the cat is in need of help or shelter. For this, they are at times looked down upon by other Clans and thought of as weak. The Clan's main prey are mice, voles, squirrels, and the occasional rabbit, as well as birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, blackbirds, and thrushes.

Shadowclan:They have always seemed to be the "darker" Clan, with fierce, more disagreeable warriors. This dark reputation has been earned over the years by an unfortunate run of corrupted leaders, twisted minds, and bitter plots. They are proud, loyal, defensive, and slightly arrogant; often seem to be misunderstood and portrayed by the other Clans as battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for more territory.A secret food source is the Twoleg dump, though they are careful not to eat crow-food. ShadowClan cats hunt best at night, and are better than others at sneaking through undergrowth.

Windclan: WindClan cats are known for their love of open spaces. They live on open fields, or moorland, where they catch their main prey of hares and rabbits. Of all four Clans, they are the least used to wet ground, preferring the grassy ground of the moors, which they sleep on. They do not like to sleep in the shelter of dens because they prefer the fresh air. They are fiercely loyal and tough. They can also be nervous and quick to flee, due to lack of cover on the moor. They are considered the fastest of the Clan cats, and are considered to be the most quick witted amongst the other Clans. They are also the easiest to be offended and are the least likely to start battles between other Clans.

Riverclan: RiverClan is one of the five Clans and consider StarClan to be their warrior ancestors. RiverClan cats live on the reedy, pebbly plain near a river with very few trees. RiverClan cats are known for their amazing skill at fishing and love for water. They also love beautiful things, and are known to collect rocks, shells, and feathers to decorate their dens. They eat mainly fish, but they can also eat water voles, shrews, and mice. They are contented, sleek, well-fed cats with well-groomed fur. They are known to be clever and graceful but are perceived outside their Clan as being stubborn and lazy. Their long fur and glossy coats are an asset while swimming. RiverClan gets by in leaf-bare, because according to other Clans, they fatten themselves on fish during greenleaf in preparation for leaf-bare. RiverClan cats dislike adding birds to their fresh-kill pile. Sometimes other Clan cats call them "fish-faces", or "fish-breath". They are quite strong swimmers and move through the water as if they are part of it. Their lightning reflexes help them scoop fish from the bank.

**Chat Room!**

Chat Room:

**Other Things!**

Fourtrees: Clan leaders use it to look down on the Clans and share their news during Gatherings.

**Fill This Out For Your Cats!**


Send te form to me :iconbluechickens: or any of the co-founders. Thank you!
Im sorry for the really bad Applications we did in like forever so would you like to do them for us because no ones really making apps...

Please comment down below and stuff : - D  Derp
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You don't HAVE to, but you you can.
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